Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fated Review

Fated by Alyson Noel

 Until now, he's existed only in her dreams -
but fate is about to bring them together.

I shove through the crowd, knocking into girls and bouncing off boys, until one in particular catches me, steadies me.
I feel so secure, so at home in his arms.
I melt against his chest-lift my gaze to meet his. Gasping when I stare into a pair of icy blue eyes banded by brilliant flecks of gold that shine like kaleidoscopes, reflecting my image thousands of times.
The boy from my dream.
The one who died in my arms.

Did Not Finish

Fated is the first book in the Soul Seekers series. 

Daire lives on the road, going from movie set to movie set with her makeup artist mother. She's been having visions and time stops for a while but, when she turns 16, they become bad enough for her to accidentally attack the movie star she was with. Then the grandmother she never knew contacts her mother and convinces her to send Daire. There Daire learns about her heritage, who her enemies are, and how it's related to the dream-love-of-her-life.

I made it a little more than halfway through... maybe it gets better but I don't care anymore. I've been working on this book for over a month (even though I only added it to my Goodreads this past week) and I just can't do it anymore. 

I actually don't have any problem with Alyson Noel's writing. Even though I didn't finish the series, I kind of enjoyed reading the Immortals series. The writing in this book was also easy. I just found it so boring. I would only make it through a few pages of talking or a monologue by the grandmother and I'd quit in favor of playing Sudoku on my phone.

I can't really talk about the story other than it's a very basic one that moves along at a glacial pace. I don't plan to try to finish this book, so I definitely won't be buying more in the series.

*Picture and description from Goodreads

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