Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Favorite Book Things #2

I'm going to stick to the horror thing... but I'm going to go much younger this time.

I never really got into Goosebumps. When they were published in 1992, I was more into Christopher Pike, LJ Smith and similarly middle-grade level books. However, I did like Phantom Valley books by Lynn Beach. Lynn Beach is a pseudonym for Kathryn Lance, an author, ghostwriter and editor.

Phantom Valley consisted of 9 books published between 1991 and 1993. They were similar in length to Goosebumps- about 130 pages. Each book involves a different student at Chilleen Academy and the creepy supernatural things that happen to them.

I didn't have every one of them but I had enough to know that I liked the series. Some were better than others, obviously, but I liked all the ones I read. My favorite book in this series was Stranger in the Mirror.

Phantom Valley Books
  • The Evil One (1991)
  • The Dark (1991)
  • Scream of the Cat (1992)
  • Stranger in the Mirror (1992)
  • The Spell (1992)
  • Dead Man's Secret (1992)
  • In the Mummy's Tomb (1992)
  • The Headless Ghost (1992)
  • Curse of the Claw (1993)

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