Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Show #1: Pilot Episode Review

The Show #1: Pilot Episode by Jordan Cooke

Corliss Myers is the kind of girl who watches TV. (Alone. On prom night.) Not the kid who works in TV. So imagine her excitement when her uncle gets her an internship on The 'Bu, the hottest teen beach drama coming soon to television. Not only does the internship get her out of Indianano- place, it also allows her the privilege of observing the making of a sure-to-be hit TV show. Little does Corliss know that her job description is not unlike that of floor nurse on the psych ward. Soon Corliss is administering to the producer's mammoth ego, keeping bed watch on the boozy starlet, and intercepting a burgeoning romance between two of the mega-hot, hormonally compromised leads. Can Corliss hold herself together, or will she, for sanity's sake, say buh-bye to The 'Bu?

Did Not Finish

Pilot Episode is the first book in the The Show series

The Show revolves around a new show called The 'Bu- the director, the actors and an intern with a famous uncle. There is also someone who creates a blog about the creation of The 'Bu and the lives of the people behind the scenes.

This book was just mind numbing. I don't even know who this book is for. The book read very young, yet the content wasn't designed for young teens. The content and characters aren't very original, either, from what I read. I only got about 100 pages in, but I just could not take another second of this book.

*Picture and description from Goodreads

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