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Boys Before Friends Episode Six

Boys Before Friends Episode Six

Summary: Zoey is a scholarship student at the exclusive Ellison University. There she meets the F4, a group of guys that rule the school with their money and power.

Number of Episodes: 16

Stars: , , , , , Rose Guess, Kevin Markovic

Language: English

Additional Info: Available on and their official site.

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After another delay because of "circumstances," we got another episode of Boys Before Friends. I'm pretty sure that the circumstance that made them delay the episode a week is the fact that they ran out of money 1/3 of the way through the planned 16 episodes and wanted to drag it out so they could fund raise. If you feel so inclined, they have a FundAnything page.

This episode picks up where episode 5 left off. Everyone is sitting on the couch and getting cozy... then the doorbell rings. Apparently, everyone knows where Zoey & Co.'s apartment is because Oliver pops up and gives Zoey a hug. Liam freaks the fuck out and, completely out of character for Zoey, she just confusedly looks around with a "What's with him?" expression.

From that point, the girls go their separate ways and we are treated to the same kind of thing we had last week- each girl and their respective boy doing things independently of each other. Liam follows Zoey to her dance class. Chloe makes a bet with Noah for a date... which we do not get to see. Piper and Chase bake some more and hang out... until her ex shows up. On the outside, Oliver is man-slutting it up so he's apparently not with Jade anymore. The girls get together in the end, get trashed (where Zoey sounded less drunk than when she was sick in episode 5), and then get invited to go to Vegas. I hope those poor girls don't have to pay for their own trip.

Like last week, episode 6 seemed to be about relationship building but this episode felt a lot more random and disjointed. Each duo was filmed in different locations and at different times through most of the show. The scenes went from day to night and back again. I actually don't know if this episode took place over a week or the entire summer.

I've noticed that the show is increasingly less about Zoey and Liam and more an ensemble. I wasn't sure last week because there had been talk of them rewriting the script, but this week's episode should have been original. It also feels like they've completely abandoned the school part of the show and the F4 really. The whole idea of their clique running the school hasn't been evident since the beginning of episode 3. I guess it's not a bad thing, really. It makes it so much easier to think of Boys Before Friends as being unconnected to Hana Yori Dango.

This disconnect from the original material has made it a lot easier to accept Liam 2.0. I actually really like him if I don't think of Liam as the American version of Tsukasa. The scenes with Liam and Zoey were my favorite of the episode.

On the last episode review, I said that I thought that Rose Guess was my favorite Zoey so far. I'd like to stand by that. She's not the best actress of the three (I thought Claude Racine was.) but she comes off as very likeable. Where I couldn't see why anyone liked Zoey while Dawn Morrow was playing her, I can see it with Rose.

Video quality has improved greatly since the beginning of the show. Audio quality is still iffy with a lot of the same issues as before.

Now for some random observations!
  • Piper's ex, Carter, has really stupid hair. Was there nothing that the hair people could have done about it?
  • Why is Piper's cupcake business being run out of an apartment kitchen? I doubt the health department would let that happen.
  • It looks like New Zoey is probably not a dancer. During her class, she barely did anything.
  • Why was there a whole big thing about Chloe and Noah making a bet but them competing was completely off-screen?
  • I hope those girls have someone to run their businesses while they're gone. It didn't seem like either of them had employees.
  • I find the theme song strangely addicting. I didn't really care for it at first, but now I keep wanting to listen to it.
  • The trailer for episode 6 was way more dramatic than the actual episode.
Despite the fact that nothing really happened in this episode, it was pretty enjoyable. As the show is moving farther from the source material, I'm finding that I like it better. I still have no idea where this show is going and it's so slow-moving for something that's only 16 episodes. We may not even see 16 episodes if they don't make any money with their fundraiser. I would probably suggest, if you choose to donate, not to go for something that requires completion of the project.

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