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Boys Before Friends Episode Four

Boys Before Friends Episode Four

Summary: Zoey is accepted into Ellison University, a college for the super rich, as a scholarship student. There she encounters the F4, a group of guys who use their power and money to intimidate other students.

Number of Episodes: 16

Stars: , ,

Language: English

Additional Info: Loosely based on Hana Yori Dango. It's available on, Youtube, and the official website.

Reviews of episode 1, episode 2, & episode 3

We pick up where we left off in episode 3- at the deadest club ever. It's midnight and apparently they do a special midnight kiss thing so everyone is paired off. Noah and Chloe kiss, Chase and Piper don't kiss, and Liam and Zoey kiss. Then everyone leaves and the girls are recapping their night. That other girl, I think her name is Aubrey, joins them and gets kind of uncomfortable looking when Piper and Chloe tease Zoey for kissing Liam.

Then everyone in the house gets together, shares stories and plays games. Chloe and Piper give advise to the respective boys on the other girl. The groupies are finally not super bitches. Everything is peachy until Oliver's brooding at Zoey makes Liam jealous. In what seems to be a pattern, Liam accuses Zoey of playing with him, grabs her and kisses her, and gets slapped. We end with Liam asking Zoey out.

Overall, I have to say that this episode was more enjoyable than the last two. I particularly liked the scene where they are all sitting around and Chase is telling a "scary" story. Piper got a little annoying but it still felt a lot more natural than much of the show has been thus far.

The groupies were far less annoying in this episode than the last three. While they still aren't the greatest actresses, especially the giggly dumb one, they were far more tolerable. When they were being bitchy, it was more subtle than before... mostly designed to make Liam jealous of Oliver and Zoey.

Out of everyone, I like Chloe and Noah the best. I'm far more invested in their potential relationship than Zoey's. I personally don't really see the appeal of either Zoey or Liam at this point. Why Liam likes Zoey is beyond me. She actually has to be reminded to not be a bitch for no reason.

There are still some of the same problems as before- sound distortion with the mics because of environment (when they were outside telling stories) and overly loud background music that took over the scene (the hiking and beer pong scenes). In particular, the overly loud background music was annoying because I just could not hear what was being said no matter how loud I turned it up. I had to turn on subtitles.

Still, despite the consistent problems, I'd say that the show is getting better. And, thankfully, the makeup wasn't a total tragedy this time. They have announced an open casting call for both Liam and Zoey, though, so it seems we are losing our two main actors. Will that make it better or worse? Who knows, but if nothing else keeps me watching the interest in mid-show casting changes will.

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