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Sparks Fly Review

Sparks Fly by Katie MacAlister

Ysolde de Bouchier has a lot on her plate, which isn’t unusual considering her Light Dragon mate Baltic is still at odds with just about everyone, starting with his former guard Thala and her outlaw posse, right down to his dragon god father. Ysolde herself fairs no better, since the First Dragon has her in his sights as well, demanding that she right past wrongs…and her time to do that is quickly running out.

With the help of some familiar friends, Ysolde sets into motion an elaborate plan that will have repercussions throughout the mortal and immortal worlds. But when a member of her family is held hostage, no one is safe from the fire of her rage.

4 our of 5 stars

Sparks Fly is the third book in the Light Dragons series.

Ysolde was tasked in the previous book with restoring Baltic's honor, but has no idea how to do it. She comes up with a plan to make everyone happy and hopefully fulfill the First Dragon's request. Thala, among others, stand in her way, but she will do what she has to to fix everything.

This book is like all other Katie MacAlister books. All her main female characters are fairly similar in personality and voice. For me, the time between books is long enough that I don't get too annoyed with that.

This is the third book in the third dragon series. All the main characters from the Aisling Grey books (You Slay Me is the first book) and the Silver Dragons books are minor characters in the Light Dragons books. The cast of characters is getting larger with each new dragon series, so it is sometimes confusing when there are ten or so characters in one scene.

One of the biggest problems I have with Katie MacAlister's series books is that, by the time I read the next one in the series, I have forgotten the one before it and what has carried over. There is a glossary of characters and major terms at the end of the book, but it is mostly general and didn't really help me when I was trying to remember what the First Dragon asked Ysolde to do. It'd be nice if there was a short recap... like a "previously on" spot at the beginning of a TV show.

Specifically for this book, the issue I had was that the back of the books makes it sound like her family member being held hostage is a major part of the book. That part, however, was over before half the book was over.

Overall, if you like Katie MacAlister's books, you'll probably like this one. If you haven't liked any of them before, this one will be no different. Personally, I like them.

*Picture and description from Goodreads

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